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Conquering Instability ($15.00)
Far too many believers live their life on an emotional roller coaster. This instability in most cases is derived from a lack of knowledge concerning their standing with God. If only we could settle the issue of our righteousness then and only then can we move into a place of stability in which troubles in this life do not demand an inventory of our performance. This series will require you to take another look at an old concept of the rapture and the second coming. It will not only amaze you but will ultimately set you free from the instability that has controlled you. Get ready for a rapture and celebrate as you experience a second coming on a daily basis as your eyes are opened to this truth.

Breaking The Daisy Cycle ($20.00)
Enough is enough! As long as a believer questions their right standing with God they will never walk in victory in life. Religion is a force that has created a "Daisy Christianity". Many believers live in the realm of He loves me, He loves me not. This has to stop and this series will put an end to the question. Every person has a purpose and that is to enjoy life and love people not to worry if they are right with their Maker when they die. Get ready to Break the Cycle of skepticism.

The Art of Witnessing ($20.00)
The Holy Spirit was given to every believer to be a Witness. Many people have very limited knowledge concerning the art of witnessing. If we were witnessing effectively there would be more believers than unbelievers in the world today. This series is a must for the believer who wants to fulfill God's plans to use them in their everday lives. You will experience results in your calling to expand the Kingdom of God.

Offense The Killer Within ($25.00)
Many people are in a state of incarceration due to being offended. The sad news is many people are living out the effects of being offended and don't even realize it. This series goes to depths of describing offense that many have never even heard of. These messages will reveal what offense is and how to get rid of the killer within.

The Believer's Authority ($20.00)
Much has been said about the authority of the believer and rightfully so. However, we have only been told we have the authority but very little explanation has been offered by modern day teaching as to how and why we have the authority. This series is definitely a must in the understanding of the Believer's Authority. These messages will cause an excitement of understanding and release the true Authority of the Believer. Get ready to rule your life!

It Is Finished ($20.00)
If we only knew how finished it was when Jesus made that statement on the cross then we would be in a far greater state of victorious living than many believers are today. However, many people live as though Jesus still has work to do. This series of messages will go far beyond traditional thinking and tap into truths that many have yet to understand. Jesus would not have said it had it not been true... It Is Finished - and God cannot lie!

Radical Christianity ($20.00)
When we as believers begin to understand the Kingdom is in us then we will become radical in our passion to reflect who He is. This series of messages will describe in detail what the Kingdom in you is all about. You will begin to comprehend your righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost. The earth is crying and groaning for the manifestation of the Sons of God. Get ready to become what the earth needs... Radical Christians!

Like Heaven On Earth ($20.00)
King David's responsibility was to rule and maintain the Kingdom. He was given 3 mighty men to do just that. In the same sense we are to rule the Kingdom and maintain the authority of God in the earth. The Holy Spirit in the believer manifests in 3 different ways to activate our rule in the earth. This series will enlighten you to theright and rule that is in you right now. In the hustle of life we sometimes forget our puprose for even being here. These messages will bring you back to your point of origin and cause you to realize the reason Jesus paid for your freedom and just how free you are. We are here to bring heaven to earth on a daily basis.

We Walk By Faith ($20.00)
This series is straight to the point revelation about what faith is and the purpose of developing faith. If you are a believer who wants to grow in knowledge and begin to manifest the power of God in your everyday life then this series will help lead you there. The messages are provoking, the revelation is challenging and the end result will be supernatural living. You will truly begin to walk by faith.

The Seed ($20.00)
We've yet to fully comprehend "the Seed" the Bible talks about. We have known in part but not totally the full revelation of how seed, time, and harvest really work. We have used earthly possessions as a seed to produce the will of God in a situation. This series reveals what the Seed truly is according to the Scripture and how our earthly possessions play a part in the process of harvesting what we desire. This truth is scripturally based and unbiased by man's philosophy. The Word always works and the truth cannot be changes. The Seed will not return void!

Fear LESS ($20.00)
Unbelief is the only way, according to Scripture, the will of God cannot manifest, The enemy's job is to produce fear for the purpose of instigating unbelief. This powerful series gives spiritual insight through revelation of the Spirit as to how to get to the place where you just cannot fear... ever again. In years past the church has blames the devil for their defeats in different areas of life. NO MORE! We can only be defeated if we fear and we can't fear if we truly believe. Get ready to start living Fear-LESS.

Think Higher ($25.00)
We have been saved from hell and judgment through the blood of Jesus, but now what? Sermons are ministered everyday about what God can do but very few are taught about what you, as a child of God, can do. Jesus made a statement that caused the church world to want to kill Him when He said, "My Father and I are one". That one statement sumed up His ministry of why He came. His purpose was to restore our rightful position originally intended in the earth.

This series will blow you away and cause you to take another look at yourself as well as stimulating your thinking to take authority over issues in life. You are what God says you are and you are who God says you are. You are gods. This series will eliminate any religious offence to that statement. It is time that the believer began to Think Higher and assume the position that God desires you to operate in.

The Mind Of Christ ($20.00)
Jesus came to cleanse the believer with His blood so that we could become the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is in us to develope the mind of Christ. For too long the goal of the church has been to get to heaven. This series will cause you to hunger more for His mind than anything else in this life. Get ready to start thinking different and proving the will of God in the earth through you.

Getting Plugged In To Holy Ghost Power ($15.00)
Whether you're hungry for  more of the power of the Holy Spirit in your life or you are curious what kind of power Jesus was speaking of when He told us in Acts 1:8, "and you shall recieve power...", this series will uncover some of the power that Jesus was speaking of and just how to begin to activate that POWER in your everyday living.  The call of God is for believers to GET PLUGGED IN TO HIS POWER!

Hero Manual ($15.00)
Our generation and the ones to come are in need of heroes to look up to. Right now the heroes are sports figures, entertainers and famed individuals in the secular world. The church has set quietly by and assumed their heroes are only those mentioned in the Bible. However, God is raising up heroes today that will model His love, power and authority in the earth. Heroes are not born, they are created by rising to the occasion and accepting challenges when they are presented.

In this series you will learn how to become a Hero of the Faith. Your faith will be increased and your courage challenged to do things you never thought you could. God has heroes today and you could be one of them. It´s time to rise to the occasion.

Fundamentals Of Faith ($15.00)
Releasing Your Potential God's Way

Everyone has been given the measure of faith. Why is it that some win and some lose? Faith is the vehicle through which everything in the spirit world is brought into the earth.

If the believer is going to be successful in this life they must recognize their measure of faith and increase it to the degree that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. This message series will enlighten the believer to know what level of faith they are operating in and how to increase that level and even better, how to release their faith in order to maximize their potential. Get ready to change your life.

Attitude ($15.00)
Are you building toward a successful life or are you headed for disaster? Your life is a work in progress and your attitude is the architect. The attitude you operate in will determine the stability or failure of all the good plans God has for your life. It is our responsibility to turn our attitudes from negative to positive. The Holy Spirit was given to help us do that. This series will help determine where you are in your thinking and give instruction on how to redesign your attitude and in turn reshape your life.

Discovering Your New Identity In Christ ($15.00)
If you've ever wondered how Jesus did what He did on earth, you need this revelation. Jesus was a success on the earth in His ministry because He knew who He was in relationship to the Father as well as His position over the adversary. Now that you're born again it's time for you, the believer, to discover your position in Christ according to the Word of God. If ever there was a message every believer needs to hear, it is the message of IDENTIFICATION. You will be both challenged and changed as you go deep into the Word and discover your identity.

Christ In You ($15.00)
Every believer will testify they know Christ is in them, however most believers do not have the knowledge of what that actually means. This series of messages will identify not only what the Word means by that statement but will give revelation of why the Word says it. You will begin to live in a realm of spiritual awareness and identity that will demand a life of authority such as never before. Get ready to reign in all that you do because Christ is indeed... IN YOU!

Freedom ($20.00)
How can a believer pay tithe, give offerings and still not have enough? The Word says that we are to be blessed so much that our barns are full. The church is supposed to be meeting the needs of the world when in fact the church has been the one in need. So what's the problem?

The answer is in this exciting, revelatory and tradition breaking series. Are you ready for FREEDOM in your life?

How To Pray Effectively ($15.00)
Prayer does change things as it has been said for centuries. However, it is the effective prayer that truly changes things.

In this powerful series you will be taught how to pray effectively according to the scriptures. There are really two different reasons for prayers. The believer is either praying for himself or herself or praying for someone else. Many times the prayers are unanswered and the believer is left wondering why God has seemingly forsaken them. The truth is revealed in this series. If you desire to start a prayer life or are currently a praying believer, you need this revelation. You will begin to enjoy a successful prayer life and expect results.

Intimacy, The Key To Freedom ($15.00)
There is a place in spiritual authority the believer has been invited to enjoy. This series will descibe that place and how to attain it. We as believers have read and preached Matthew chapter 24 and 25 to be a warning of destruction to come, however, as we go deep into these chapters we will see it is actually an invitation to become intimate with God and unlock the heavens in our lives. You will be challenged to go beyond traditional thinking concerning these passages but the reward is an open heaven and an intimacy with God like you've never had before. Enjoy the altitude as you journey higher in God through the revelation of INTIMACY.

Money Matters ($15.00)
Most people are aware that Money Matters . The problem is that they do not understand "Money Matters". This informational and revelational series will help you to understand how to achieve financial stability as well as financial success. This teaching will educate and instruct how to begin from where you are and get where God wants you to be. Most believers pray the promises but they are failing to apply the principles of the scriptures. If you are ready to change your life and begin to achieve financial success then you must understand "Money Matters" according to the Word of God.

Secret To Success ($15.00)
Success should not be just an occassional achievement, it should be a way of life for every born again believer. Sadly to say, not every believer is living in this God provided realm that has been offered to the church. Jesus gave us the answer to success in His Word.

This exciting series will instruct and navigate you through life into victorious living. According to the Word of God, our success and victory in life is determined by the ability to believe what we say. As you hear this Word of the Lord you will be encouraged and edified to the degree you begin to believe what you say to the mountains in your life. If you plan on SUCCESS you'll need this as a tool to build a bright future.

The Ghost Of Pentecost ($15.00)
There is a difference between the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost as mentioned in the scriptures. Most believers have not understood this difference therefore they have never assumed their position in the earth that Jesus paid for them to have. This series will enlighten the listener as to what the difference is and in turn the believer will begin to grow in their faith and take on the role of authority the church has been commanded to operate in.

The Better Covenant ($15.00)
As people of God, we are to be the blessed of the earth and live stress free in a stress filled world. However, religion has worn most believers out in that it tries to make the believer become acceptable to God's goodness by their works and not by faith. We are the New Covenant church but have acted like an Old Covenant church.

This series will inform as well as excite the listener, it will reveal how to live the New Covenant life and actually enjoy your salvation. Be all you can be by entering the Better Covenant.

The Glorious Church ($15.00)
The Bible says we are to be a Glorious Church. The rule of thought is that the Church will not be glorious until we get to heaven. However, the Glorious Church is not the one coming rather it is the one being raised up in the earth right now through revelation of the Word. This exciting and informative series will help you become NOW what others are waiting to be one day. The Glorious Church is not a people without problems, it is a people with answers to problems. These messages will not only enhance your knowledge they will increase the vision of your destiny in the earth. Are you ready to become what He has called you to be?

The Kingdom Life ($25.00)
The Kingdom Life is the life Jesus paid for man to live. This life is one of authority, increase, power and prosperity. This Kingdom Life is available to every believer. This series of messages will teach you how to live the Kingdom Life and begin to rule the domain God has given you.

The Power Of A Seed ($20.00)
The Word of God does not promise there will never be adversity and times of trial. However, His word does provide the way of escape. Jesus referred to this process in His teachings from Genesis to Revelation.

God's law provides abunance to the sower. But, what do we sow, when do we sow, where do we so. Everything God does and everything the enemy does works according to the law of seedtime and harvest.

This three tape series encourages the believer to sow and reap according to the promises. Anytime we as believers have a need, we need a SEED.

The Sword Of The Lord And Gideon ($15.00)
In todays church there has been a lack of power demonstrated in the world that stems from a misunderstanding concerning how much authority the believer actually has over the enemy. We are quick to agree that Jesus was God incarnate but have yet to comprehend that Jesus was the example to the church and by His Spirit has reincarnated Himself in the believer. In this powerful series you will realize what "Christ In You" really means. It's time for the church to begin to demonstarate the miracles and the powerful works of God in the earth. Divine reincarnation will happen to you as you listen and gain knowledge and understanding about God's authority in you. Get ready to be challenged and changed.

Understanding The Sovereignty Of God ($15.00)
One of the most misunderstood attributes of God is His sovereignty. Most believers are led to believe whatever happens or, does not happen is ultimately God's will because He is sovereign. Get ready to be liberated in your walk with God and start taking responsibility for this life and it's outcome as you are not only enlightened but ignited with revelation about God and His sovereignty.

Welcome To Grace 101 ($20.00)
We have heard about the love of God and sing Amazing Grace but still have not understood the Grace of God. When the church really comprehends the basics of Grace it will operate in the abundance of God's power given to the church.

This series of messages will change the way you think about God and even about yourself. Get ready to be changed as you hearabout this Grace we have called Amazing for so long.

Grace ($15.00)
What Religion Doesn't Tell You

There is something amazing about Grace that religion doesn't want you to know. Too many believers serve God out of fear and not love. The goal of religion is to control your behavior while the goal of Grace is to change your demeanor. These messages are intended for those people who are ready to move on beyond their past and start enjoying the freedom and liberty their salvation has intended. If these messages offend the listener then the Grace they know is not the Amazing Grace the bible tells us about.

Discovering The Leader In You ($15.00)
There is a leader in everyone. Most people, especially the believer, never discovers that leader. Leaders are not born, they are made. You didn't go through what you've gone through for nothing. God expects you to use your gift of leadership. Being a leader doesn't mean you have a title it means you have discovered an ability. Let's get into the Word and find that leader in you. This series will teach you how to study the Bible and in turn will cause you to build your house on the ROCK. Are you ready to discover that leader in you?

The Keys To Power ($15.00)
The church is called to be fully euipped to minister in the full staure of Christ Himself. Jesus told His disciples the degree of ability, that nothing is impossible, is only attainable through prayer and fasting. Jesus gave us the remedy for powerless living but sadly to say the church has misunderstood this dynamic duo of prayer and fasting. This series will definitely challenge your traditional thinking about these fundamental elements of operating in the power. You will discover through this in depth teaching the difference between Old Covenant and New Covenant prayer and fasting. This teaching will cause you to re-think your belief system and discover a truth that will make the enemy do whatever you say. It's time for the church to perform the miraculous like Jesus did.

Overcoming Self Consciousness ($15.00)
Self is the enemy of God and the destructive force warring against man. The church has blamed the devil for their failure when in fact it is Self that is the creator of failure and lack. If you can become unconscious to Self you can become victorious in life. If you’re ready to identify your enemy and begin winning in life … this series is for you. Get ready to die!

Burning Bridges ($15.00)
Mark Shell

1. Drift Away
2. A Friend Called Grace
3. Image
4. Days Of Elijah
5. First Time For Everything
6. That's My Stuff
7. He Sees Me In Him
8. I Dare To Believe
9. Have I Told You Lately
10. Can't You See
Changes ($15.00)
Mark Shell

1. Open The Eyes Of My Heart
2. You Are So Good To Me
3. Takin Authority
4. Sacrifice Of Praise
5. Sweet Lord Jehovah Jireh
6. You Filled My World With Meanin'
7. Git Yo Prayze On
8. Friend Of God
9. Come Together
10. You Never Let Go

Forever Worship ($15.00)
Mark Shell

1. Praise Partner
2. Fields Of Grace
3. Saved Healed Delivered
4. Awake My Soul
5. He Reigns
6. Forever
7. Righteousness Of Christ
8. You Are My King
9. Pour My Love
10. Your Love
11. Love You So Much

The Easy Life ($15.00)
Mark Shell

1. Hallowed By Thy Name
2. There's Peace In Knowing
3. We Will Ride
4. I Never Shall Forget The Day
5. Through The Fire
6. Singin' With The Saints
7. Keep Me In Your Will
8. Strongholds Are Coming Down
9. Speak To The Mountain
10. I Will Not Quit

Undefeated ($15.00)
Mark Shell

1. I've Been Delivered
2. Weapons Of Our Warefare
3. It's Through The Blood
4. The Lord Is My Strength
5. Crispy Critters
6. My Hiding Place
7. There Is A River
8. He's An On Time God
9. What A Way To Spend Forever
10. That's No Hill For A Climber

The Sound Of Heaven ($25.00)
David and Nicole Binion and Friends

Disc 1
1. Introduction
2. The Sound Of Heaven
3. Revelation 5:11
4. In The Sanctuary
5. I Will Ascend
6. Come Together
7. Pray For Rain Medley
8. Rain On Our Fields / Pray For
9. We Thirst For You
10. Pray For Rain
11. Rain Dance
12. We Need Your Rain
13. Get Your Buckets Out
14. David Tries To Settle The Crowd

Disc 2

1. Alabaster Box Medley
2. I Pour My Love On You
3. David Introduces Jason
4. Lion Of Judah
5. Prophetic Song
6. Deeper
7. Sound Of Heaven Reprise
8. We Seek Your Face Medley
9. We Really Want To See You
10. "Yes!"


Our Mission

If the ministry was to be explained in a few simple words it would have to be described as "mind changing". That's the goal of this ministry. Mark believes very simply Jesus came to cleanse the world with His blood sacrifice so that whoever accepted that substitution as their salvation is now the residence of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit on a daily basis helps us renew our minds to think like Christ. In essence, as we change our minds we change our lives.

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